About Us

AES Energy Storage, a subsidiary of The AES Corporation, is a leader in commercial energy storage solutions, which improve flexibility and reliability of the power system, and provide customers with a complete alternative to traditional energy infrastructure investments such as peaking power plants.  Our Advancion® 4 energy storage solution is available for sale to leading utilities, power markets, and independent power producers, and AES Energy Storage and its partners can manage installations from concept to operation with a market-proven solution that integrates best in class battery and power conversion technologies.

AES Energy Storage introduced the first grid-scale advanced battery-based energy storage solution in commercial operations in 2008 and operates the largest global fleet of battery-based storage assets in service today. AES Energy Storage has a total of 476 MW of interconnected energy storage, equivalent to 952 MW of flexible resource, in operation, construction or late stage development across seven countries and four continents.