Ancillary services
Advancion provides safe, reliable and secure balancing of energy on the grid.
Reserve capacity
Sell more power from the same plant when you let Advancion meet your reserve requirement.
Operational flexibility
Advancion acts as both generation and load to enable more than twice the flexible range of a peaker plant on the same interconnection.
Resource adequacy
Advancion is always available, helping load serving entities to meet system and local capacity requirements.
Advancion can meet peak energy demands by storing cleaner, more efficient off-peak energy and delivering it during peak periods.


Demand response
Advancion is complementary to demand response. It provides clean, cost-effective, reliable power from a grid-dedicated resource
Energy efficiency
Advancion was designed with the ability to tap into existing unused capacity from efficient combined cycle power plants and renewables. Utilities can make their power procurement more energy efficient by adding Advancion to their mix.
Emissions reduction
No direct emissions. No water usage. Advancion is the clean alternative. It is the emissions reduction equivalent to adding significant amounts of solar PV or wind in a region.
Renewable integration
Advancion is an overall power system resource that can help level the variability of all generators and demands on the grid. Applying storage to the system level allows more forms of energy to flow into the grid – providing utilities and operators with a new level of flexibility and confidence to introduce alternative sources such as wind and solar.
Transmission efficiency
Advancion’s modular nature with no local emissions allows it to be cited closer to load, reducing the need for transmission build out in congested areas while improving local reliability.
24x7x365 service
Advancion is always on and synchronized to the grid with no minimum set point and no fuel requirement allowing it to deliver value every day.