Safety first
The globally adopted AES Safety Management System ensures that each facility has world class standards, policies, procedures, and action plans in place and that all people involved in operations or maintenance are regularly trained to work safely.
Safety inspections
Safety walks, observations and walk downs are routinely performed and results are reported, reviewed and, acted upon.
Operations center
While Advancion storage arrays require few on-site activities, an operations center maintains a constant and vigilant eye on operations and performance from a central location.
Advancion storage arrays are comprehensively tested on regular intervals to confirm capabilities, efficiencies, and thresholds continue to meet operational specifications.
Automated dispatch
Advancion storage arrays operate autonomously or via automated dispatch from the utility or balancing authority for most hours of the year. Secure manual dispatch is possible through integration with SCADA or local controls.


Experienced management
The O&M management team designed, operated and maintains the first megawatt scale Li-ion system in the world and today is responsible for a fleet of energy storage systems which, at over 170MW, is the largest battery based grid storage fleet in the world.
Applied data
With hundreds of thousands of data points per facility collected over its lifetime, operations and maintenance teams have a voluminous data historian and powerful analytics engine at their disposal to focus resources on the most important activities.
Reliability centered maintenance
A combination of Break Down, Preventive and Predictive Maintenance processes are set based on component criticality, OEM specifications, and electrical industry practices and standards.
Modular system
Most maintenance activities can be accomplished without major impact to availability and many maintenance activities have no impact whatsoever.
Certified technicians
When necessary, maintenance is always performed by experienced and certified technicians who are specialists in each major storage subsystem.