Facilities design & engineering
Project layout and electrical configuration engineering supports site development and early stage planning activities.
Siting development & preperation
Geotechnical evaluation, title review, easement analysis, topographic survey, and environmental reviews are just a few of the activities involved in site selection and planning.
Local, state/regional and federal/national permits are diligently and swiftly processed at early stages of development to support project planning and construction timelines. Environmental quality, view shed, sound impact and zoning compliance are of importance to all stakeholders and are just a few examples of the care taken during the permitting planning stage of development.
Impact & benefit analysis
Development and analysis of electrical load flow improvements, merit order benefits, and dispatch use cases are completed and reviewed with customers and other pertinent stakeholders.
Media & community relations
Proactive stakeholder interaction keeps project developers apprised of local community priorities and interests. Local leadership and communities are kept informed of pertinent development activities.
Interconnection engineering
Preparation and submittal of interconnection applications including model development for facilities studies and system impact studies and interconnection agreement


Bidding management
The highest quality technology and construction is ensured at competitive prices through open and competitive bidding processes. Subcontractor agreements are tailored to meet local requirements and customer sensibilities.
Major and critical components are verified for design compliance, ordered, scheduled and tracked for timely delivery to the construction site.
A dedicated and globally experienced construction management team handles all aspects of construction including detailed design and design conformance, all disciplines of engineering, mobilization, site safety, construction, installation, assembly, de-mobilization and a seamless, overlapping transfer to a dedicated commissioning team.
Critical systems commissioning
Safe and responsive operations are ensured through verification testing and certification of metering, electrical protection, and fire protection systems.
Facility commissioning
The energy storage, power controls and cooling systems are tested, characterized, and validated for operational acceptance to ensure guaranteed capabilities. Simultaneously, the control network and security systems are configured, hardened, and commissioned to ensure complete operator access and control.
Commercial online
Accurate and reliable operations are enabled with state of the art SCADA and local HMI controls while a robust data historian is custom configured for long term operations analysis. Point by point testing with the local utility and balancing authority ensures compliance, speed, and accuracy of dispatch and telemetry.